Norton furniture store owner has 15 mins of fame with Taco Bell Super Bowl Ad

Norton furniture store owner has 15 mins of fame with Taco Bell Super Bowl Ad

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - You've probably seen the late night commercials featuring Norton Furniture in Cleveland.

Owner Mark Brown has an interesting flair to selling furniture.

His store is filled with unique items that definitely stand out -- but don't call his ads cheesy!
It's his off-the-cuff kind of advertising that caught the attention of fast food chain Taco Bell. The company contacted Brown to do a spot for
their Quesalupa that ran during the Super Bowl.
"When they came to do the commercial they changed everything around and I had to learn it in about a half hour but I was able to do it. They wanted me to point to a taco. I said I don't point with the taco. I point with my finger. I held the taco in my other hand," says Mark Brown.

Brown says since the commercial aired he's gotten plenty of attention. Customers are noticing his 15 minutes of fame.

His walls are lined from top to bottom with people who've purchased items from the store. He says he signed a two-year contract with
Taco Bell but won't spill the beans about how much he got paid. That's confidential.
But what he is talking about is how cool it was to see a Cleveland business get national attention.
In case you're wondering, Mark has done more than 50 commercials over the past 10 years.

He's even made guest appearances on cable networks.

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