Elyria Police Dept. using social media videos to push Issue No. 6 on the primary ballot

Elyria Police Dept. using social media videos to push Issue No. 6 on the primary ballot

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - City of Elyria vehicles are in poor shape. Things are so bad, the Elyria police department shared this video on its Facebook page and it's not just the condition of the cars or the maintenance.

Some of Elyria cars are so old, you can actually see the road from inside the car.

City leaders put this video out so you would know but that's not the only reason. 

Cleveland 19 has found that the campaign is tied to Issue No. 6 on the primary ballot.
Meet Joe Strohsack: he's the fleet manager for the City of Elyria's Central Maintenance Garage and he wants you to show you the conditions of the cars.

"I've alluded to the fact that there's some vehicles where we're actually using street signs to keep these things moving along. Case in point we had to put a street sign on top of some street signs so we could keep our feet off the road," said Strohsack.

The video goes into detail about some of other cars city workers drive out on the roads including some plow trucks.

"As you can see the cab corner of this entire panel, even up in here is completely rotted out and there's just nothing we can do," said Strohsack.

The video was put out by "Elyrians First" [WATCH HERE], a grassroots organization made up of concerned citizens and city leaders. For the last few months the group has been producing videos like this one to raise awareness about Issue No. 6, a half percent tax increase that would raise six point 2 million a year.

All 11 City Council members voted unanimously to support it and now they're hoping those who live in Elyria will also vote yes. They say without the funds, the city will have to make more cuts and there will be devastating cuts to critical services like road maintenance, infrastructure, police equipment and other things. Elyrians First say this is the reality of the finances and there are too many band-aids.

Mayor Holly Brinda did not return Cleveland 19s call but Chief Duane Whitely, Elyria Police supports this agenda. He says the video is "eye-opening" and they'll utilize social media and show Elyria residents why their vote is so important.

Elyria has not passed a new tax levy since 1992.

The primary is March 15.

You can check out other videos HERE.

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