Boutique uses social media to give back

Boutique uses social media to give back

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Two Cleveland business women decided to give back to their community by supporting a family in need with the help of social media.

Rayshauna Lampkins and Britney Barber own NStyle Boutique, an online clothing store. NStyle uses social media to drive its sales to customers around the world, but this week they used their online platforms to help others by reaching out to women in need.
The owners asked their online followers to contact them if they were experiencing a hardship, and when they read Charnetta Hull's story they knew they had to help her.

"I probably was Charnetta once before in life. A single mother trying to figure out where I stood in life," said Lampkins.  
Hull is young mother of two children. A 10-month-old son, and a two-year-old daughter named Faith. At first glance he is an ordinary, fun, and rambunctious toddler, her mother says what's not as obvious as her fun personality is the illness she suffers from.

"We found out after she started having seizures a year ago that she had epilepsy, and two months ago we took her took her to the doctor and found out she has a brain disease," said Hull.
Faith's illness has made it difficult for Hull to attend work on a regular basis because she has to leave often to take Faith to the doctor.

"It's been hard. I'm just trying to take it day by day," said Hull.

Wednesday afternoon Lampkins gave Hull a special gift.

"I bought both of the children pampers diapers, wipes, socks, pants, and shirts. I also gave Charnetta a visa gift car," said Lampkins.

Charnetta says it brings even more meaning to her little girl named after the very thing she's holding on to, Faith.

"God knows. He won't put nothing on you that you can't bear and he sent me an angel,"said Hull.

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