Woman says her diet is medical miracle in cancer fight

Woman says her diet is medical miracle in cancer fight
Alice shares her family photo

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Given only a couple years to live, 47-year-old Alice Saturri believes her only hope is what's called the "macrobiotic diet."

On it for only a few months, she goes from a doctor telling her she's dying to medical tests saying,"not so fast!"

"I mean I want to be around for my grandkids and my daughter's wedding," she said.

The diet is very strict. She calls it vegan on steroids. It's only certain vegetables, things like roots and seaweed, also big on all kinds of greens and squash, beans and grains and very little fruit.

At first, she says it was very tough just to learn, not to mention giving up all the foods we are used to. "After a while your taste buds must change," she laughs, "And the veggies just taste so fresh and wonderful."

She learned all about it from other people,  former cancer patients, who swear it saved their lives.

You don't want to miss her amazing journey in her own attempt to save her life and hear what medical experts have to say about this alternative medicine tonight at 11 on Cleveland 19 News.

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