5-year-old child describes horrific I-90 crash

Retired FF helps family in I-90 crash
Family SUV ended up under a semi. (Source: Jim Carroll)
Family SUV ended up under a semi. (Source: Jim Carroll)

LAKE COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - A family of five was caught in a massive car pileup on Interstate 90 Wednesday afternoon.

"We crashed and my mom said get out, get out," said 5-year-old Taytum Clark.  

"All you could hear is the crashing of metal and there were cars flying everywhere," said Jim Carroll.

Retired Cleveland firefighter Jim Carroll was driving home in the middle of the pileup. He said one minute it was sunny and dry roads, the next there were whiteout conditions.

The family was one of dozens involved in a crash. Their silver SUV pinned underneath a semi. Inside the car were three children, ages 11, 7, and 5, their mother and stepfather. They were driving from New York to Texas when it happened.

"The father was trapped with the steering wheel up against his chest, and he had a head injury and was unresponsive," said Carroll.
Carroll called 911.

"There's a massive pileup of cars. we need a number of ambulances," Carroll told the 911 dispatcher.

Crews rushed Anthony Hayes to MetroHealth Medical Center. Luckily the rest of the family wasn't seriously injured.

"This is the wind and this is the sun and this is the ice where we slipped and crashed into the car," said Clark.

5-year-old Taytum drew a picture describing what happened.

Carroll and his wife opened up their home and hearts to strangers. The children along with the dog and mother now temporarily staying with them.
But don't call the 69-year-old a hero.
"You do what you need to do. These people needed help. Somebody needed to help them. 'And you were the guy?' I was there for them," said Carroll.
"I want to say I love them. Because they take care of us," said Clark.
Late Thursday evening Carroll picked Anthony Hayes up from the hospital. He is now recovering at Carroll's home. Carroll said someone purchased tickets for the entire family to fly back home to Texas.

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