5 tips to keep your furnace in tip-top shape

5 tips to keep your furnace in tip-top shape

KIRTLAND, OH (WOIO) - Frank Biliana with WF Hann and Sons is getting busier as the temps d rop and the snow flies. He stopped by Kirtland Thursday evening for a housecall.

He's changed a presser switch in a furnace for a family.

Here are some tips to keep furnaces in tip-top shape.

How often should you change your filter?

"I would take a look at it.  About once a month. It if looks dirty. I would probably change it," said Biliana.

Is it a good idea to turn down your heat at night?

Our expert said "d rop it down 5 degrees from where you normally keep it. It's no big deal. Most people like it cooler at night any ways."

Does a chimney liner help with cutting down your heat bill?

"It protects your chimney and that's why you want to protect a chimney. The gases are cooler. It can cause your chimney to fall apart," said Biliani.

What are some obvious signs your furnace is in trouble?

"If you are hearing noises you haven't heard before, yes. You are going to want to call us we will come check it out."

Does a humidifier make a difference in keeping your home heated?

"A humid 70 degrees is a lot warmer than a dry 70 degrees. Plus it helps with sinuses, dry skin and static electricity.  I strongly recommend a humidifier."

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