Cleveland love story goes viral after video posted online

CONGRATULATIONS! Cleveland proposal goes viral

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It became a big production in Playhouse Square as people flooded the streets to watch a wedding proposal last month.

The produced video was posted online last week and it's already been shared thousands of times and has nearly 50,000 views.

However, this love story is one of defeat and triumph, in the end it shows love wins.

It all started a year ago, Antoine Moss was scrolling on Facebook and came across Tanesha Halton. The two became friends and eventually went out on a date.

"I was smitten at first sight," said Antoine Moss, an employee of NASA and Cleveland native.

Winning over Tanesha wasn't going to be easy, she was in a previous relationship that went sour.

"I was engaged, had a venue, a wedding dress and he told me he didn't love me anymore," she said.

It took two months for Moss to coordinate family showing up, the horse and carriage ride and even a saxophone player.

Once in Playhouse Square, Moss told Tanesha to stay put as he went into the meeting spot which was Starbuck's and got everyone in place.

When the two first met they went to a play, and in the play the groom presented the bride with a red box, inside an engagement ring in lights.

That same type of box is what Moss used to get down on one knee.

Tanesha said after heartbreak she thought she'd have to compromise, at some point, but a year later she's engaged and in love.

It's a Cleveland love story that almost didn't happen, past hurts and relationship failures could have stood in the way.

As the curtain closes on their engagement everyone is waiting for the sequel, their wedding day.

Their video has caught the eye of venues, who are now offering to host their wedding free of charge.

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