Social Security fraud update, a Carl Monday Investigation

Carl Monday: Social Security Fraud Update

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - For Doris Boldware, it's a new day. A new beginning. But just last month, Doris was in a desperate state.

Ms. Boldware spent the past five years sparing with the Social Security Administration after heart surgery, a stroke, and other ailments. All the while, her benefits were repeatedly denied.
But on the day Carl Monday aired her story, Doris got a phone call. A phone call from Social Security that turned her tears to smiles.

"Social Security called me and let me know my disability case had been approved," said Boldware. "I wasn't shocked. I knew after talking to you (Carl Monday) I would get a phone call."

Ruling that Doris is partially disabled, an administrative law judge signed the necessary papers, providing Doris with a monthly check.

Last month, Carl Monday met with Resident Agent in Charge for the SSA's Inspector General's Office, Elias Papoulias.

Monday shared Doris' story with Agent Papoulias during an interview about disability fraud.

The Inspector General's office does not handle cases like Doris', but somehow the message got through.

Enjoying her moment of good fortune, Ms. Boldware offered up some advice for those trapped in the system.

"The only thing I could say would be keep fighting. Don't give up. And if they can't get any results, call Carl Monday," said Doris.

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