Private investigators cash in tracking cheaters on Valentine's Day

Private investigators cash in tracking cheaters on Valentine's Day

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Valentine's Day is routinely a busy day for florists, candy stores, and restaurants, but local Private Investigators also report an increase in business during this time of year.

For Diane, a private investigator who runs Bailey Investigative Services in Akron, chasing cheaters is making her a lot of money this Valentine's Day. She says infidelity cases are coming so frequently she has a heavy work load.

"Valentine's Day is a good time to see if their spouse or loved one or significant other is having a relationship," said Diane.

And, with years of experience she's says caught some interesting cases on camera.

"Once I had a case where an 86-year-old woman was at church cheating," recounts Diane.

Equipped with cameras small enough to fit on a key chains, and GPS systems the investigators slyly stick under the person of interest's car, they follow until something happens, and going the extra mile is an understatement.

"I once followed someone from here to the mountains in New York and they never found me," said Diane.

Diane says her staff is already out working for the holiday.

"Because Valentine's Day is on a Sunday it's going to be an active weekend. If they're married they're going to have to make room for the spouse, so that's Valentine's Day times two. The wife may get chocolates and flowers, and the mistress may get diamond earrings," said Diane.

Diane says women are more likely to call her for help and trying to prove their doubts can be expensive.

"We typically go for four hours we charge between $600 and $700 a day," said Diane.

Diane also offers advice for anyone who suspect their partner of cheating.

"They guard the phone and they don't answer phone during a certain period of time," said Diane.

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