Justice Scalia has ties to Cleveland

The legacy Justice Scalia leaves behind

. - With a vacancy in the Supreme Court following the death of Justice Scalia, President Obama must make a nomination that must be followed by the Senate's confirmation, according to the constitution.

Avery Friedman, a longtime civil rights attorney in Cleveland, says that while the position will one day be filled, Justice Scalia's
legacy will never be replaced.

"There was no justice ever like Nino Scalia, and there never will be another one. He was certainly a power in the Supreme Court of the United States, and the legacy that he leaves will be one that will last a generation," said Friedman.

Scalia graduated from Havard Law School and began practicing Law at Jones Day Law Firm in Cleveland. 

"He was the father of what was called 'originalism'—what were the founders and drafters of the Constitution thinking in 1789? Many founders don't buy that interpretation but that was what he was known for, that was his forte," said Friedman.

Friedman also  mentioned that as a Supreme Court Justice Scalia was known for his colorful comments and blunt dissenting opinions.

Scalia's death triggered political debate surrounding his successor because if President Obama's nomination could cause the Supreme Court to lean toward liberals.

"The loss of Justice Scalia Is a very not only significant constitutional development, but a profound political consequence that we will see debated discussed and argued throughout 2016," said Friedman.

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