23 couples tie the knot at Tower City, give advice to others

Tower City Valentine's Day weddings
Source: WOIO
Source: WOIO

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Nearly two dozen couples decided to take the plunge in front of a packed audience at Tower City, on the coldest day of the year in Cleveland, so far.  The temperature inside would warm anyone's heart.

"It shows what love is.  It shows what God created us for," said Charles and Olivia Poindexter of Cleveland.

The Poindexters decided that this was the place where they wanted to tie the knot on Valentine's Day. Initially, they were told that they couldn't get married on the 14th.  It fell on a Sunday this year, and the city didn't perform weddings on Sundays.

Then the people behind the counter at the courthouse remembered this special event.

"I said I get nervous in front of a lot of people but I love it.  I love it!" said Olivia Poindexter.

Amanda and Joseph Salay of Medina met at a Harley Davidson Dealership.

"He was very persistent.  I was like, 'Hey, what's up?' And it paid off.  A year later here we are," said the Salays.

With Amanda's kids at their side, also decked out in Valentine's Day colors, the Salays vowed to love honor and cherish each other.

In addition to a long a hopefully healthy and happy life together, each couple got a $25 gift card, a Tower City parking pass and a cupcake.

Their newlyweds advice for anyone still looking for love?

"Keep searching until you get the right one. The right one yeah," said Dia and Melvin Polk.

"Don't look for it.  Let it happen.  It will come to you.  Don't force it," said the Salays.

Once you find love, most everyone agrees it should be celebrated.  What better day to do that than Valentine's Day.

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