Kasich rides momentum into SC primary

Kasich rides momentum into SC primary

MAULDIN, SC (WOIO) - A new poll shows Ohio Governor John Kasich had a great showing in Saturday night's Republican Presidential debate.

Although a CBS News poll found 32 percent of Republicans and Independents declared Marco Rubio the winner of Saturday's debate. Governor Kasich was within striking distance at 19 percent.

However, according to independent voters Kasich won the debate.

The Ohio governor spent the weekend stumping for votes in South Carolina.

"But if you like me, give me a chance to take this message to America. Give me the votes that you have and call three people and get them to vote. Cause you know what you see here? Right here? This is all there is to me. There's no secret. There's no secret plan. There's no difference, it's all the same. Because I learned that you treat people with respect. And you have big dreams, big dreams. Change the world? It can happen," said Kasich.

Governor Kasich spent the weekend campaigning in South Carolina, but will spend Monday in Michigan. Kasich plans to return to South Carolina for the state primary on Saturday.

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