Teaching kids: Shoot basketballs NOT people

Teaching kids: Shoot basketballs NOT people

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - "Jump, stop, jump, stop…

Steve King is a math teacher, he and others from the Young Black Professionals Coalition in Akron are teaching kids more than basketball skills.

Buchtel High School is one of three where young people gathered Monday to learn the fundamentals of basketball and a very important concept, Shoot Basketballs Not People.

King says after the program each kid will take a pledge that they will be non-violent, they will listen to their parents, they will turn the other cheek or they will talk to somebody about bullying and things like that.

The scoreboard doesn't matter, but the message sure does.

NaCol Foreman, 8, gets it.

"You're not supposed to shoot people. You're supposed to shoot a ball, to play basketball," said NaCol.

Change the mindset and hopefully the actions will also change, the lesson teaches.

Antonio Lovelace of Shoot Basketballs Not People says non-violence is very important.

"A lot of people are being gunned down in the streets," said Lovelace.

Just ask Aramis Fletcher. Her 10-year-old son is here. But she also has another reason for supporting the concept of Shoot Basketballs Not People.

"We lost my cousin last year. It's been one year today. I got him on the back of my shirt, to gun violence," Fletcher said.

Middle and high schoolers also took part.

Today's activities are also about fun and learning.  If you say the word can't get ready to run. You can do anything you put your mind

This is the 4th year for this Akron youth program sponsored by the The Young Black Professionals Coalition.

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