Grammy Moments: Bad timing & Adele's audio

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LOS ANGELES (WOIO) - The Grammy's are a live show, so not everything goes as planned. There were a few memorable moments even before the show started.

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Pre-show host Bow Wow mis-timed his Taylor Swift introduction. He tossed to the start of the show three times before the countdown clock was out and Taylor Swift was even ready.
Another oops moment occurred when Amy Wadge tried to say thank you after she and Ed Sheeran won song of the year, but the producers were in a rush to get to a tribute to "The Eagles."

But what many are calling the biggest miscue of the night came during Adele's performance. There were problems with the sound from the start of her song, "All I Ask."

Adele explained on Twitter that the piano mics fell onto the piano string which made it sound out of tune. We're also told that when the show switched to a backup sound system during the song that also caused the audio to d rop for several seconds.

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