Z Files: Finding the Power of Love

Z Files: Finding the Power of Love

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - You know what they say, sometimes the best deal is the one you don't make. I'm talking about the Cavs, and I'm talking specifically about the next
two days.

The NBA trade deadline will hit Thursday at 3pm, and there's no reason for Cavaliers GM David Griffin to shake this team up.

Cavs fans haven't been the same since Jan. 18. That's when the Warriors came to town and just shredded the Cavaliers, winning by 34.
Within a week, David Blatt was out, Tyronn Lue was in, and the message was clear: the Cavs have a long way to go to knock off the defending champs. That's true, but trading Kevin Love? Is that the answer?

I have a better idea: figure out a way to use him.

Bring him off the bench.

I don't care what you're paying him ($110 million over five years). He'll get more touches, score more points, and both the first unit and second unit would be more effective.

Last year's Finals MVP?  Andre Iguodala, who started the series on the bench. I'm not saying the Cavs shouldn't add a wingman. I'm saying, this team's
won 19 of its' past 24, and is still a work in progress.

Moving Kevin Love to the second unit could take everything up a level.
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