20-year-old Chrishawna Jones is leaving her mark

Leaving your Mark: Chrishawna Jones
20-year-old runs her own business. (Source: WOIO)
20-year-old runs her own business. (Source: WOIO)

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - She was 18-year-old, but years prior wanted to be in show business.

There was one problem though, Chrishawna Jones couldn't find a legitimate agency with a proven track record in Northeast Ohio.

Determined, the 18-year-old started saving up allowance money and cash from odd jobs to start her own business.

"I applied for my business license, I was using my money from chores and from there I started an office and paid my own rent," said Chrishawna Jones, the 20-year-old is the CEO of Cle Kidz LLC.

From there Cle Kidz LLC was born. They represent 50 children from newborn to age 15.

Jones, looks 15 and at times that has presented a challenge.

"I'm 20-years-old. Sometimes I've gone to meetings and they think my mom is the CEO and they quickly realize I am wise and more than capable of running my own business."

So far business has been good, Chrishawna has 50 clients and all have them have been cast in some form or fashion.

She's in a league of her own, she believes she's one of a handful of African-American owned agencies in Northeast Ohio.

"I definitely look up to Rosa Parks, she was so strong and passionate and I have the same personality."

As part of our leaving your legacy series, Cleveland 19 celebrates Chrishawna Jones, she says she hopes like Parks her impact is felt in Cleveland forever.

" I would hope that if I ever left this business that they would want to live their dreams and just keep pushing."

For more information visit Cle Kidz LLC website.

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