Back taxes in her past, court in future for Brook Park Councilwoman

Back taxes in her past, court in future for Brook Park Councilwoman

BROOK PARK, OH (WOIO) - Brook Park resident Cindy Shick spoke for many people who question the appointment of Councilwoman Julie McCormick to head up the city council's finance committee despite her owing back income and property taxes.

"Is this negligent behavior proper for someone who is chairman of the finance committee that oversees $20 million dollars," Shick said to a packed City Council chamber.

She cited a Cleveland 19 investigation where we found records that showed McCormick hadn't paid traffic tickets and had her license forfeited last
June. We had no evidence that she ever drove. She has since paid the fine, got her license back, and drove to a recent council meeting.

She is due in Brook Park court in March over unpaid city income taxes. Then there are her property taxes.

We reported that she owed over $6,500 in back property taxes and questioned her about it.

"We're on a payment plan and it's being taken care of," Councilwoman Julie McCormick said.

Since that statement two weeks ago county fiscal office on line records show that the amount owed has grown by more than $400 rather than going down. So no progress is being made on the back taxes.

A fact not lost on Shick.

"You will see that she has made no consistent payments of the property taxes and she has been assessed a penalty in every recent half," added Shick.

"My personal finances, that really has nothing to do with anything here. It shouldn't be brought up," McCormick told the meeting.

Shick ended with a request saying, "You say you care about Brook Park, if that is true then you will step down from your position on Council immediately."

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