Tiny homes coming to Cleveland

Tiny homes coming to Cleveland
Tiny homes are becoming more popular for their cost efficiency. (Source: WOIO)
Tiny homes are becoming more popular for their cost efficiency. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A popular Cleveland neighborhood could see a growth in smaller homes geared toward being energy efficient and Eco-friendly.

Compare a 583-square-foot house that comes with just two bedrooms, a bathroom and a loft to the average American home, which is 2,600 feet. Could you do it?

"I love the whole idea of a tiny house. I already live in a small bungalow, so I'm in a tiny house. But, I wouldn't mind going tinier some day," says Melissa Gajewski.

Gajewski is among dozens of potential buyers who want to learn more about Cleveland's Tiny House experiment in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. Two tiny homes on a foundation are set to be built by Sutton Builders on West 58th Street and Pear Avenue to test interest down the road. Groundbreaking is set to begin in the spring.

It's the big craze that's growing across the country. Plenty of people are looking to downsize and get more bang for their buck, like Karen Troy.

"I've been in the shipping container type of homes, but, I haven't been in these types of homes. I like to see what it feels like," says Troy.

"One of the benefits of a tiny house means that you're spending less time worrying about your stuff, less time cleaning your house and you have more time to engage, have fun. You're just steps from the Gordon Square Art District," says Jenny Spencer, with the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization.

For Gajewski, it's about being more practical. She says a tiny home might just fit her lifestyle.

"I just don't think we need all the space that people want today," she says.

You might be surprised by the price of these tiny homes. They can run anywhere from $100,000-150,000. Heating and electricity cost less than $400 a year.

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