On The Mark: No big Cavs moves, I love it

On The Mark: No big Cavs moves, I love it

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The trade deadline has come and gone without the Cavaliers making a huge move.

Trading Anderson Varejao is huge only if you're counting it from the PR or jersey sale department!

Sure, he's a fan favorite, but he was averaging 10 minutes per game, and that was in the 31 games he had played in. It's been obvious for a long time that the years have just caught up with him.

Moving that kind of guy is not considered a big move.

Neither is getting a player like Channing Frye. He should play more than he was in Orlando and should help the Cavs with floor spacing. Nice, but not major.

Making a major move would have been very hard to pull off and actually improve their team; that's why I'm glad they didn't do one. Would they have really gotten better?

I realize they were probably never really considering the Boston offer of role-players and draft picks (whoopie!) for Kevin Love, but maybe another team offered something a little better and they considered it.

I do know that David Griffin is always concerned with fit, and the Cavs haven't always looked fitted this year, so I did have some concern that maybe they'd pull the trigger and do something.

They didn't. Yay, Cavs!
I did not want to trade Love for two reasons. First, he's a star player. Duh. The other reason is that it would look like a panic move. How well would that come off in the locker room? You're in first place and you've already fired a coach, trading a third of your Big Three would just feel strange, desperate and panicky.

I don't want that. I want them to figure it out.

Now go figure it out, capiche?

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