Zika Virus raises travel concerns

Zika Virus raises travel concerns

ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) - Patti Fritzsche and her husband have traveled the world. The couple recently booked a trip to Antigua for some fun and relaxation, but those plans were derailed when the two spoke with her doctor.

"We were definitely disappointed, because we had put together a beautiful trip," said Fritzsche.

Fritzsche's doctor told them not to go because of Zika Virus concerns, especially because the couple plans on starting a family soon.

"We just decided it wasn't the best and we didn't want to risk it because of all the birth defects, and the microcephaly that's been linked to it," explained Fritzsche.

So they changed their vacation to Spain. Fritzsche says the airlines initially asked for a doctor's note, but then they were able to get their money back with the help of their travel agent at Landfall Travel in Rocky River.

"The airlines were real receptive to it, since they've had a lot of people going in and switching their flights and stuff because of the Zika Virus," said Fritzsche.

"Situations present themselves, so that it makes it not possible to travel," explained president of Landfall Travel, Ann Huber.

Huber says she's received a handful of clients, like Fritzsche, who had concerns about Zika and their trip.

"We advise our clients. Here's the situation. Here's what's going on. Go to the CDC website, read what they have to say. Find out if that would concern you or not," said Huber.

Fritzsche says she and her husband now have peace of mind and are ready to hop on the plane in a few months.

"So excited. So it's kind of an upgrade even," she said.

Fritzsche says she's glad everything worked out, but next time will get what's called, "cancel for any reason insurance." Huber says it costs anywhere from $100-$150 and it allows you to cancel your trip, even up to the day of departure.

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