Councilman pushes for Amber Alert changes

Councilman pushes for Amber Alert changes
Angel Arroyo is a Lorain city councilman and a father who wants change. (Source: WOIO)
Angel Arroyo is a Lorain city councilman and a father who wants change. (Source: WOIO)

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - Word about 2-year-old Lana Lowther's disappearance spread quickly on social media. It made many ask, why wasn't an Amber Alert issued?

Police need to meet four criteria to issue an Amber Alert. On Wednesday night, Lorain Police said the toddler, who wandered out the front door, didn't qualify for an Amber Alert. She was safely found hours after disappearing by a passerby on a snow-covered street corner.

Under a new three-tiered Amber Alert system being proposed by Lorain City Councilman Angel Arroyo, Lana would have been a Tier 2 Alert. At that level, the child's picture and information would have been distributed within minutes after her disappearance.

"A 2-year-old doesn't say, 'mommy, you didn't change my diaper,' and go hide in the woods. This is a freak accident. Somebody picked this baby up," said Arroyo.

Under the Councilman's plan, a Tier 1 Alert is exactly like the current Amber Alert.

A Tier 2 Alert would include a child like Lana who didn't meet Tier 1 qualifications, but could be in danger. Her pictures and information would be sent to the media immediately.

"Tier 2 is fitting two or three criteria of an Amber Alert. Knowing the child had been abducted, know the person, know the license plate... just two or three of the criteria," explained Arroyo.

Tier 3 would include a lot more kids because it would cover habitual runaways.

"These are the children that the police get all the time that never come home, that run away all the time," said Arroyo.

The councilman is already talking to lawmakers in Columbus and hopes this Tier 3 system can spread across the nation.

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