Police: Man uses same window to escape as 2 previous escapees

Police: Man uses same window to escape as 2 previous escapees

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cuyahoga County Sheriff says Cody Lee, 22, escaped from the McDonnell Correctional Facility on Friday in Cleveland. He kicked out a window in the facility.

McDonnell Correctional Facility is same place where multiple escapes and 62 AWOLS have happened but they never warned the public.

The corrections program is owned by Ohio Prison System, run by Oriana House and managed by Cuyahgoa County and uses taxpayer's dollars.

Lee escaped from same window Tyshawn Shepherd and Lavelle Tucker escaped from last month at McConnell Facility.

Oriana House, who runs the place, now refuses to answer reporter Scott Taylor's questions on camera.

Bernard Rochford with the Oriana House said in January: "The protocols are to notify probation and court. Then the court and probation take it from there and that's how the notification goes."

Cleveland 19 is keeping track. In the past 14 months McConnell has seen 66 criminals go AWOL and four just flat out escape.

One of those going AWOL from the facility was Robert Long Junior. He walked away last year on September 29, while serving time for receiving stolen property. 

Long was sentenced to McConnell even though he had previously escaped from jail and had a past criminal record.

Seven days later police say he and four others brutally beat to death 68-year-old Clarence Adkins in Cleveland.

Long has pled not guilty. 

A judge gives criminals a choice, serve your time in a real prison or come to the McConnell facility which has a 62% program completion rate.

After 30 days clients are given a pass to find a job, 66 never came back.

Could it be criminals are talking and realize it's easy to escape or just walk away from this so called community based correctional facility?

Oriana House Officials say they are added more razor wire to their fence but so far there appears to be no added security to make sure criminals come back to the facility at night.

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