Medina school officials save renowned speaker's life

Medina school officials save renowned speaker's life
Medina school officials save renowned speaker's life. (Source: WOIO)
Medina school officials save renowned speaker's life. (Source: WOIO)

MEDINA, OH (WOIO) - This is an incredible story out of Medina!

A motivational speaker who delivers life-saving messages suddenly needed saving of his own.

Dr. Stephen Sroka is an international speaker who travels the world talking about "The Power of One" and making a difference in people's lives.

He says he gets chills thinking about last month when he nearly died because it wasn't one but many who stepped in to save his life.

"I really shouldn't be here right now, I should be dead," said Sroka.

Dr. Sroka was giving a talk last month at the Performing Arts Center in front of about 800 people when he went into cardiac arrest and fell right on his face.

But because of Medina Police Officers Al Roland, Mike Wesner and Associate Principal Andy Brenner's quick actions, he's alive.

"Officer Roland started with the compressions and then I ran and got the AED," said Officer Wesner.

"I've used this AED several times in the past and this is the first time it advised to give a shock so that's a first," said Officer Roland.

Brenner was just trained in CPR 2 weeks ago and said it came right on time.

Dr. Sroka was flown to Cleveland Clinic Cardiac Care Unit. His doctors told him he's a textbook case of everything that went right---90% of those who have cardiac arrest don't survive.  After 16 days, 5 stents and an ICD, he's recovering and thanking those who saved him.

"What is amazing with this story is that this all happened within a minute. I'm so lucky, I'm so blessed that I went down and within a minute, had CPR, an AED, this just doesn't happen," said Dr. Sroka.

He's also changing his message, just a bit.

"I'm kind of known as Dr. Steph the power of one guy, this day I realize the power one is not enough, we need the power of many," he said.

Dr. Sroka did not get to finish his talk that day but he plans to come back in the fall and complete it.

In the meantime, he's focusing on his health and House Bill 113 which would require all high school seniors to have CPR training before graduation.It's the law in 27 states but not Ohio.

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