Z Files: All eyes on Cardale at Combine

Z Files: All eyes on Cardale at Combine

. - Big week in Indianapolis. 335 of the top football players in the country are on their way to Indy for the scouting combine, including Zeke Elliott and the running backs, who arrived on Tuesday.

As for the quarterbacks, they arrive on Wednesday, and for all the talk about who the Browns want more, Carson Wentz, the North Dakota State quarterback, or Jared Goff, the Cal quarterback. The fact is, the Browns may not get first dibs.

The Tennessee Titans, who have the first overall pick (and who obviously have a franchise quarterback named Marcus Mariota) may trade down, giving another team a chance to leapfrog over the Browns and take the first QB. In the meantime, the consensus seems to be this: Goff is more polished now, but Wentz has a bigger upside.

If that's true, I'd take Wentz.

But no quarterback has more to gain at the combine than Cardale Jones.

It doesn't matter that he didn't finish the season as the Buckeyes' starter. He could roll out tape of his three monumental wins (Wisconsin, Alabama, Oregon) that won 'em the national title the year before, and "that" would be enough.

But he'll also probably blow 'em away at the combine with his intelligence, attitude and physical skills. This setting is tailor-made for Cardale Jones. He could come out of Indy projected as a second-round pick.

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