VIDEO: Ironworker offers amazing view of Innerbelt Bridge

WATCH HERE: Video from Ironworker offers amazing view of Innerbelt Bridge
GoPro offers a different perspective on Innerbelt Bridge under construction. (Source: WOIO)
GoPro offers a different perspective on Innerbelt Bridge under construction. (Source: WOIO)

Hang on to your lunch!  A newly released Go Pro video from the Ohio Department of Transportation offers a stunning view of the portion of the Innerbelt Bridge that's under construction.

A Go Pro camera was placed on the safety helmet of Local 17 Ironworker Jeff Clarke.  His partner, fellow Local 17 Ironworker, Luke Hauser is seen standing on a steel beam within inches of a 120-foot drop to the ground.

For 10 to 12 hours a day, Luke Hauser and Jeff Clark have a view of Cleveland's River Valley that most of us will never experience firsthand.  Most of us would never have the guts. 

Hauser and Clark are part of a crew of roughly 200, bravely putting together a piece of Cleveland history.  The Innerbelt Bridge is now 77 percent complete.

We had to ask, why would someone want to risk their life to help build a bridge? 
"The thrill of it.  It's actually quite fun up there.  The money is pretty decent, and you gotta support your family," said Scott Cooper, an Ironworker and Superintendent on the Innerbelt Bridge Project. 
Cooper has spent years high in the sky on projects like the Innerbelt Bridge.  He admits there have been moments of fear. 
"Sometimes when the wind blows, it gets kind of scary out there, but you have to pay attention to what is going on around you, what your partner is doing," added Cooper. 

As you watch ODOT's Go Pro video you realize that someone obviously needs to be in great shape to do an ironworker's job.  Workers wear close to 60 pounds of tools and gear on their safety harnesses.

Plus, you have to have steady footing on some frighteningly narrow spaces.  
Even with all the safety equipment designed to catch you, should you fall, working at the heights you see on the video, no doubt, takes an extraordinary person.  Cooper says some get scared and decide they can't do it.

Thank goodness for those that can.  
"I love climbing around up there. It's peaceful," said Cooper.

ODOT offers tours of Innerbelt Bridge work sight.

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