Stay-at-home mom jumps into the blogging craze

Stay-at-home mom jumps into the blogging craze

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Michelle Khallafi is a stay-at-home mom with two kids ages 4 and 5. She stopped her marketing job years ago when she got pregnant with her daughter, trading in her 9 to 5 to become a full-time mom.

"It can be overwhelming. It depends on everyone's mood. Some days are wonderful. Some days are disastrous, but, there's never a day that isn't good," explains Michelle Khallafi.

And when the Westlake mom isn't running around with the kids. She blogs, everything from food, traveling, adventures, and family.

"My husband is on a diet. That pretty much means  I'm on a diet. I'm sure my summer figure will appreciate the timing," says Khallafi.
Khallafi says blogging is a way for her to wind down and express how she's feeling and also share with others. She's written nearly a dozen blogs and wants to eventually have her own blog and domain. Right now she says it's not about making money on a site but she's considering it down the road.

 "It's about feeling you belong to something that's not just being a mom but expands beyond that realm. It's also a community. Blogging just makes sense," says Khallafi.
The top 30 bloggers make anywhere from more than 2-million dollars a month to 9-thousand bucks a month. It all depends on who you get to advertise on your site and how popular it is.

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