Carl Monday Investigation: Paramedic pockets $89K in overtime

Carl Monday Investigation: Paramedic pockets $89K in overtime

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - With Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson warning that the city could run out of cash without a tax increase, Carl Monday began looking into what role overtime is playing in the city's diminished finances.

After a review of overtime records for all 7,500 city of Cleveland employees, no one earned more than Cleveland EMS paramedic Gregory Hyde.

Hyde pocketed more than $89,000 in overtime for 2015.  Combine that with his nearly $53,000 salary and his paycheck tops the Mayor's.

Hyde worked 347 calendar days last year, and in one stretch worked 46 straight days, including 18- and 24-hour shifts.

Monday asked Council President Kevin Kelley if the long hours being worked by Hyde are putting others at risk.

"What concerns me whether an EMT, how many hours they work, are they still sharp, are they still on top of their game after that amount of overtime?  That would be an issue I would like to look into," Kelley responded.

EMS Commissioner Nicole Carlton also responded to the same question posed by Monday.

"I understand people might be concerned about the safety of themselves and other people on the streets.  But we look at it, we monitor it.  If I feel like it's going to be unsafe, I monitor it,"  said Carlton.

Hyde isn't the only one working large amounts of overtime.  Thirty-seven of the city's top 50 overtime earners are police officers.  That's not surprising due to high-profile events like the recent protests.

Carl Monday digs deeper into Cleveland's overtime expenses and shows you where it's all going and what it's costing you, Wednesday night at 11 p.m.

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