Lawmakers debate driving in snow-covered cars

Lawmakers debate driving in snow-covered cars

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's been a complaint by drivers across Northeast Ohio, motorists don't clear all the snow off their cars before driving on the highways. Drivers complain the snow and ice build-up flies off cars and causes visibility issues and even accidents when swerving around.
Cleveland 19 did some deeper digging and found out it's not illegal to drive with snow on top of your vehicle, as long as your windows and windshields are all clear.

That means driving with inches of snow piled on your roof, hood, and trunk is not breaking the law.

In our neighboring state Pennsylvania, along with Connecticut, it is against the law to drive with any snow accumulation on your vehicle.

On Thursday night at 11, we will sit down with lawmakers and Ohio Highway Patrol to hear their perspectives of whether a similar law should be considered here in Ohio.

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