Firefighters deliver baby in ambulance

Firefighters deliver baby in ambulance

SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Shaker Heights firefighters were able to save the day when a baby boy came a little earlier than expected.

Kierra McGlothin said after her water broke, she called for an ambulance to take her to Hillcrest Hospital.

When paramedics arrived, they told her they should be able to make it in time, but once they started driving, the baby just couldn't wait.

"Right when we got on 271, we realized we were going to be delivering this baby en route," said Shaker Heights firefighter/paramedic Bobby Chalfant.

"I had a couple of contractions and they said, 'OH! We got a baby's head right here! So we need you to push!' And pushed maybe like, three times, and he was out!" described McGlothin.

"Those calls are few and far between. The stress level goes a little bit higher on those," said Lt. Tom Narowitz, a Shaker Heights paramedic.

"Xamir wanted to come right then. He wanted to make his grand entrance and he wanted it to be special. That's my birthday present. My birthday's tomorrow," said McGlothin.

While this is her third child, it was her fastest labor. She made to the hospital "in time" for the first two.

Both baby and mom are doing great.

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