Dominic Mancuso Editorial: Anthony Sowell's Appeal

Dominic Mancuso Editorial: Anthony Sowell's Appeal

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Five years ago, the greater Cleveland community was horrified to learn about the strangulation deaths of 11 innocent women at the hands of serial killer, Anthony Sowell.

Their bodies were found in and around his Imperial Avenue home on the city's east side. He sat in court and mocked his victims' families, sometimes appearing to be sleeping or disinterested. For months, this community listened to testimony that led to his conviction.

Now, with the gall and disdain he displayed in court, Sowell is asking the Ohio Supreme Court for another trial. He claims he didn't get a fair trial because of intense media coverage. Why, in the name of justice, is he being allowed to drudge up the heart-wrenching details and horrors of his murderous acts? Cleveland has paid a high enough cost in pain and treasure, more than $500,000 in public defender bills.

Remember, he was convicted of killing 11 women, raping and assaulting even more. Cuyahoga County prosecutors call Sowell's latest move "gamesmanship." If his appeal is allowed to go forward, this community will get played again.

I'm Dominic Mancuso and that's how we see it.

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