5-year-old assault victim gets his Christmas

5-year-old assault victim gets his Christmas

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - We've been following Mikey Reece's story from day one. After being brutally beaten by his father's girlfriend in 2014, the now 5-year-old is on the road to recovery.

"On Jan. 23, I walked into a nightmare. I walked into my son dying," said Mikey's mother, Angel Flores.

Mikey's attacker, Crystal Anderson, was sentenced to eight years in prison. His father, Michael Reece, got 18 months.

Mikey was left with severe injuries to his skull. He didn't have a Christmas because he had to be rushed to emergency surgery.

But on Thursday afternoon, Santa arrived for a late visit with Trott Wood Creations.

Based in Mantua, the artists handcrafted a beautiful toy rocker for Mikey in the shape of a wolf.

"We were just waiting for him to be able to receive it. I don't care if it's February, 'cause Christmas isn't over until Santa says it's over. And Mikey gets his Christmas," said Trott Wood Creations.

"I told him beforehand that Christmas Eve, Santa would come. Then we ended up in the hospital. All he wanted to do is see Santa. It broke my heart. So it's amazing that even though today, it's been so long, Mikey still got to see Santa," said Flores.

While mom says Mikey is smiling and recovering, he still needs more surgery and his medical needs are mounting. A special GoFundMe account has been set up to help the young fighter and his family.

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