Z Files: LeBron takes his workout to South Beach

Z Files: LeBron takes his workout to South Beach

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have had more than their share of photo ops over the years. On Wednesday morning, they created another, as James hit the gym in Miami to work out with his good friend and former teammate.

This, of course, blew up social media, which may have been one of their motives. They quickly captured and shared the moment on their iPhones.

Still, it has a lot of people asking the obvious question: What is LeBron doing working out with the competition during the season?

Especially on the heels of his cryptic tweets on Tuesday:

And, especially on the heels of the frustration that showed during the win over the Pacers on Monday, when James was pretty frustrated and vocal on the bench.

Is it a big deal?

All things considered, I'd rather see him take Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love on a two-day trip and do some bonding. Chemistry and consistency on this team, one of the three most talented teams in basketball, has been an issue.

Then again, James and Wade are great friends. James trains in Miami. It was 75 degrees in Miami on Wednesday, 25 degrees in Cleveland.

And, after this short break, it's full speed ahead towards the playoffs.

The bottom line? It was no big deal.

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