Romona's Kids: Using dancing as a tool

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A popular program in northeast Ohio is teaching children important lessons of confidence and self-esteem in a way you might not expect: ballroom dancing! We went to Cleveland to find out how in this week's Romona's Kids.

Children from Cleveland's Mary Bethune Elementary School recently showed off their salsa, foxtrot, and rumba skills at the Cleveland Clinic. Fifth and eighth graders took part in the "Dancing Classrooms" program. But it's not really about ballroom dancing. Dance is only the tool to teach these young ladies and gentlemen about honor, respect, and cooperation.

"This program is really fun because it helps us with social skills and having respect for others," said student Naima Murray.

"My own children went through this program and I saw some of the transformation from teamwork, respect and elegance," said Dr. Margaret McKenzie with the Cleveland Clinic.

The two organizations are partnering together to hold a gala next Friday at the Westin Cleveland Downtown to raise funds to serve 400 additional children next year. Find more information here.

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