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Zika Virus: Traveling with caution over Spring break

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As college students pack their bags for some fun in the sun over Spring break, doctors warn of the Zika virus.

Depending on where you travel, the Zika virus could be an issue.  

If sunshine and blue skies in another country are on your upcoming agenda, you may want to make sure to check and see if the Zika virus is present. 

The latest map from the CDC shows all reported cases have been south of the United States.

“There are no known cases of people who have gotten Zika virus who have not traveled into one of those areas. So nothing in the states that we know of right now,” said Pat Snyder with the Wood County Health District.

She says those with the biggest risk are women who are pregnant or might become pregnant.

“It is suspected that the Zika virus could cause birth defects or even fatalities,” said Snyder. 

She says there are also risks associated with sexual transmission.

“The recommendation is that if you're a man that has traveled to an area where the Zika virus is transmitted that you use protection during the pregnancy, if you're having sex with a woman who is pregnant,” said Snyder. 

So be safe. If you’re headed to a place with the Zika virus, protect yourself from mosquitoes like you would any other time, and watch for symptoms when you return.

“Red eyes is a pretty big symptom and it's very unusual. But if you have a rash or you're just not feeling well, talk to your healthcare provider,” said Snyder.  

Seeing a doctor will help rule out any other viruses, just make sure to tell them where you traveled. 

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