Z Files: Browns may wait on Manziel decision

Z Files: Browns may wait on Manziel decision

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Johnny Manziel "could" become a former Cleveland Brown on Wednesday.

They can actually release him at 4:00, but according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, they probably won't. Not on Wednesday, anyway. Why? Money.

The Browns may wait to see if Manziel gets suspended by the NFL for his domestic violence issues down in Dallas. If so, they can get back some of their bonus money.

Here's my question: What's the value of reshaping the image of this franchise?

Put a price tag on that. The new regime has been very vocal about changing the culture in Berea. Good. Let's go.

Every time Manziel is shown partying, or hits the police blotter, he's representing the Browns. Every local and national report begins with "Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel….".

The Browns are really willing to tolerate more of that, just to save a couple of million bucks? And actually, according to Profootballtalk.com, they may not have to pay him the $2.17 million in guaranteed money they owe him, even if he's not suspended by the NFL, because Johnny's behavior, including skipping a late-season concussion treatment, could lead to the Browns voiding the contract.

Add it all up (and you can bet the powers-that-be in Berea are, with a calculator), and the best move is still to cut him loose as soon as
possible, which is 4:00 Wednesday afternoon, and finally move forward.

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