Money-Saving Monday: Blogger offers tips for Spring Break on the cheap

Money-Saving Monday: Blogger offers tips for Spring Break on the cheap

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Spring Break is coming up for most students and if you're not going on vacation, you might be starting to make plans to get the family out of the house.

Local 'Couponing with Rachel' blogger, Rachel Krych, highlights some free, family-friendly ideas.

Rachel says head to the Federal Reserve Bank on East 6th in downtown Cleveland. It's free and kids can learn money doesn't grow on trees.

"They have a museum there geared toward kids, interactive, hands-on activities that kids can do," says Krych.

Local libraries are also gearing up for spring break with extra activities. The Cleveland Museum of Art is another zero-cost option.

"Every second Sunday of the month is family fun day, so still free, but more hands-on activities just for kids," adds Krych.

One of Rachel's favorites is the Geo-Caching App. You can download it on your phone then look for specific spots based on GPS coordinates and clues. It's basically a mobile scavenger hunt.

"You can look for easy ones, for kids or harder ones if you want to go on a date night," says Krych.

The goal is to find specific markers, little geocache boxes.

"You can leave things behind in the boxes so my kids get excited to leave something behind in the little boxes for kids that come after us. Or they get excited to pop open box to find something inside that they can take," says Krych.

And while water park overnights are pricey this time of year, Rachel offers a cheaper getaway option:

"Find a local hotel with a great pool and free breakfast and surprise the kids with a stay-cation somewhere in your town and pair it with one of these fun activities. It makes for a fun night out."

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