New CPR tool can teach anyone how to save a life

New innovation can teach anyone to save lives

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A new innovation was unveiled in Cleveland -- and has the potential to save lives.

It is a high-tech training tool for resuscitation: a public kiosk to teach people how to do hands-only CPR. That includes showing you how to give compressions at the right pace, to the beat of the Bee Gees song "Staying Alive".

The American Heart Association and Blue Cross Blue Shield unveiled the new device. A touch screen guides you through the compressions on a hands-on mannequin chest below, telling you how you're doing until you get it right.

Liz Wagner of the Cleveland area remembers all too well saving her husband's life with CPR when she didn't even know what she was doing for sure. She is especially excited about the kiosks.

"By performing CPR I was able to save myself and my children from a life of heartache from empty holidays, and birthdays and family vacations without Gary," Wagner said. "When more people like me learn to do CPR, we will be able to do incredible things."

The big unveiling was at the Global Center for Health Innovation where one of the kiosks will be, in downtown Cleveland. Six others will go into various airports around the country.

Really important when you consider, it's believed 90 percent of cardiac arrest patients die because people around them don't know CPR.

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