On The Mark: Why Indians can't start the season away from home

On The Mark: Why Indians can't start the season away from home

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Well, we're off and running in another baseball season, and once again it's another season of some wondering why baseball doesn't just have the Indians start the season with a 2-3 week road trip. The answer is easy -- it is impossible.

This problem is not unique to Cleveland. There are a lot of places with bad weather. Want the Indians to start the season with 2-3 weeks of home games? Better plan the same for Baltimore, Boston, both New York teams, both Chicago teams, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Colorado and possibly Washington and Cincinnati. That is upwards of 14 teams starting the season on extremely long road trips. That is nearly half the league!

The counter move is that another half the league would start with a 2-3 week homestand. That is just an absurd schedule and clubs would be playing a disproportionate ratio of home-to-road games the rest of the way.

All of this to avoid what, maybe two rain outs?

Make it a week you say? I don't know if that helps. In 2007, the Indians did open on the road, then came home to have that infamous snowed-out game against Seattle. The entire six-game homestand was snowed out. Had they opened at home that year instead of on the road, they would have played in nearly 70-degree temperature. The weather happened to fall apart several days later.

There is a work-around to these early season cancellations and it's not about having teams play extended road trips. Teams need to play as many divisional opponents as they can in the first few weeks of the season. They play teams in their division around 19 times a year. One gets cancelled? No problem. There are plenty of games against that team to schedule a double-header with down the road.

Baseball puts themselves in a bad spot by having teams like the Tribe and Boston play each other right out of the chute. The Red Sox are not scheduled to play again in Cleveland until 2017. That means both teams will now have to give up a valuable off day later in the season. Losing a day off is worse than playing a day-night twin bill.

This fun continues when the New York Mets are in town for the next homestand!

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