Z Files: No denial here -- cut Gordon loose

Z Files: No denial here -- cut Gordon loose

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Parties in Vegas, Instagram photos, failed drug tests, multiple excuses, and finally, tonight, for Josh Gordon, another denial. But this time the denial comes from the NFL, not Gordon himself, as the league says "no" to his application for reinstatement.

The next move belongs to the Browns, who should just cut him loose. I remember talking with one of Gordon's teammates more than a year ago, and I asked him if the team should release Gordon, after his latest suspension. The player laughed and said "absolutely."

That's how absurd this scenario was back then. Imagine how the current Browns feel now, after yet another failed drug test? And don't come at me with the "second-hand smoke" argument. Josh Gordon is the one making the decisions here.

Who reluctantly quits smoking weed, and only because there are millions of dollars at stake, and then hangs around with guys who, you know, smoke weed? I'm not buying it, and neither are the Browns.

The Browns talk of a "new accountability" in Berea, and a new direction, and they backed those comments up when it came to Johnny Manziel. Now they need to do the same with Gordon. They have to get away from the ongoing drama, and negative headlines. Cut Gordon loose. It'll give him one more thing in common with his new roommate.

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