Prom costs could easily top $1,500

Prom costs could easily top $1,500

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Prom is a big dance, that comes with big cost. When you add the dress, hair, makeup, nails and shoes; it can easily top out at over $1,500.

During this edition of Money-Saving Monday it's all about prom on a budget. With the bling and glam, some prom dresses are selling for $1,000. However, it is feasible that you can spend way less.

According to Visa Incorporated's annual survey from last year, families in the Midwest shelled out $733 for prom and the promposal.

"We've sold dresses from $199 up to $1900," said Renay Fowler, owner of Fashions by Fowler in Shaker Square.

Fowler's advice if you can't afford all the bling, perhaps you can spice up your dress with a ring.

"Accessories can really add to the look, you can always do a basic dress and accessorize it and look fabulous" Fowler.

Meaning for the dress, plus accessories parents can easily walk away spending $300.

Of course, teen boys have it easier when it comes to their look. A suit or tux; plus haircut and for the male prom date, he's all done.

"The pants and shirt are both under $100, so a man can walk away spending $300 must be nice."

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