Growing a pizza garden can pay off

Growing a pizza garden can pay off

BRECKSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - It was fantastic weather for yard work this weekend, and many people are already thinking about what to plant this summer. How about a pizza garden?

Chef Ben Bebenroth and his wife Jackie say their pizza garden, right outside their home on Spice Acres in Brecksville, is a great way to get their kids involved in what they eat.

"You can make a project out of it. It's almost like a craft," said Jackie.

Ben says now is the time to prep your land.

Then you can plant things like tomatoes, basil, oregano and other herbs, peppers and even eggplant and zucchini.

"So when we're having pizza night in late summer, instead of calling up Dominos, we say 'Dad's making a crust, it's pizza night…go out to the garden, grab some herbs for us and grab some tomatoes,'" said Jackie.

The maintenance and harvest translate to lessons in patience and responsibility.

"They start to make that connection…'Oh, I remember helping with that in the spring.' Now it's coming along, getting them to take care of it along the way, because it takes a good 6-8 weeks of watering and weeding before you start to get anything out of this," said Ben.

And the long term payoff is time spent together on a project, healthy food and even savings at the grocery store.

"Imagine what you get off a tomato plant for just four dollars versus how many cartons you might have to buy at the grocery store. It's really a great accessible, affordable way to enjoy food with your family," Jackie says.

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