Poll: 56% Americans think marijuana should be legal

Poll: 56% Americans think marijuana should be legal

(WOIO) - Wednesday is the unofficial holiday for marijuana.

CBS conducted a poll on what Americans think about the drug.

Fifty-six percent of Americans think marijuana should be legal, the highest percentage recorded so far in a CBS News poll. Thirty-six percent think it should not be legal, down seven points from last year.

Poll results 

A majority of men continues to favor marijuana legalization (59%), and now most women favor it as well (54%).

Fifty-one percent of Americans now say they have tried marijuana, up from 43% just last year and 34% in 1997. Fifty-two percent say alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, while just 9% think marijuana is more dangerous.

Most Americans say that a presidential candidate using marijuana or supporting legalized marijuana would not make a difference in their vote.

The poll has a margin of error of four points.

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