Bear spotted in Hudson

Bear spotted in Hudson

HUDSON, OH (WOIO) - Here's a good reminder for people and pets this time of the year.

A bear was spotted in Hudson near Walters Road. Apparently the bear damaged a neighborhood bird feeder before going on its way.

Experts suggest keeping pets on a leash and removing any food from your yards to discourage the animals from hanging around.

Hudson provided some tips from the Ohio Department of Wildlife on what to do if you encounter a bear in your neighborhood.

Black bears are usually fearful of people, therefore bear attacks are a rare occurrence. 

If you encounter a bear, and it is not aware of your presence, simply back away from the area slowly. If the bear is aware of your presence and it does not leave the area, avoid direct eye contact with the animal, give the bear an easy escape route and again, simply back slowly away from the area. Always avoid running or climbing trees, which may provoke a chase. An easy way to remember this is to be AWARE:

Act calm and do not run.

Warn the bear that you are near; talk in a firm, calm voice.

Allow space between you and the bear. Step aside and back slowly away. Do not make the bear feel trapped or threatened.

Raise your hands above your head to appear larger if the bear approaches. Clap your hands or shout to scare the bear away.

Exit the area.

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