Massive tree dangers to be abated after Cleveland 19 gets involved

Massive tree dangers to be abated after Cleveland 19 gets involved

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Sandy Campbell has a concern.

"I don't want anybody to die," she said.

It is a giant concern -- a massive tree in the backyard of her neighbors' home. Saturday night, a huge chunk of it fell to the ground. On the way it did tens of thousands of dollars in damage to two homes. One is unlivable, the power is out and the roof joists in the attic are snapped. Next door is more damage and nearly a deadly situation for Donna Hubany's husband Ron, who was standing near an air conditioner minutes before it was crushed.

"Thank God his guardian angel was looking after him because he was out in the back yard because it was so nice," Donna said.

A crushed swing set makes your imagination run wild with what might have been. Several nearby yards are places where children play. The same tree lost an even bigger limb in 2011, falling in the other direction and crushing a garage and home behind it.

It caused $190,000 in damage. Lakewood cited the owners, but they are disabled and a fixed income and can't afford the $15,000 or so it will take to remove the tree, and insurance says it's not their responsibility one said "I said 'look, more parts of this tree is gonna fall. Now it's gonna kill somebody, whether
it's me or my neighbors. I said somebody's gotta take it down. I cannot.'"

Sandy was worried, telling us "So we're just back in the same boat where we have a danger and nothing's gonna be done."

Cleveland 19 wanted answers. Lakewood's stance has been it's on private property, so isn't a danger to the public right of way. So we contacted the city Wednesday on behalf of the neighbors, and common sense prevailed. The city will take the tree down as soon as possible.  The costs will be paid over time with taxes.

Orlo wants to know got answers.

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