Owners of pit bull that mauled woman to death in Shaker Heights sentenced

Owners of pit bull that mauled woman to death in Shaker Heights sentenced

SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Bobbie Green and Leon Morton are mother and son. They knew the victim Annie Williams well.

They kept a pit bull belonging to another son who is in prison in the backyard. And that is the problem -- a fence has gaping holes, and an old car door and other debris were to keep the dog in. It didn't work, say prosecutors who told Judge Stuart Friedman "Your honor, this wasn't the first time that pit bull had gotten loose. This pit bull would get loose often, chew through the fence."

They say neighbors were prisoners in their own homes when the dog got loose. Sadly, Annie became the dog's prisoner.

The cause of death was asphyxiation.

Annie was described lovingly by her granddaughters. One said "She raised me and Seconda together, she was a mother figure. She even took care of his kids," referring to Morton.

A plea deal brought Green and Morton before the judge, a fact Annie's daughter Seconda Williams wasn't happy with in court.

"I don't understand what went wrong and I don't understand this prosecutor representing my brother, but justice will prevail one way or another," Williams said.

40 percent of the dogs the Cleveland Kennel places in homes are at least part pit bull. The position of the kennel is that pit bulls are not a dangerous breed.

But that flies in the face of the fact that 21 of 27 dog attack deaths in the USA last year were caused by pit bulls.

First, Bobbie Green mumbled an apology, as did Leon Morton, who took full responsibility for what happened.

It left the case in the hands of Judge Stuart Freidman mused aloud "No way I can do what might be considered a just result. I'll do my best."

He gave Morton 30 months, and Green six months but suspended it if she completes two years of probation. She was ordered not to have a dog of any breed until her probation is completed.

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