On The Mark: Good trade? How should we know?

On The Mark: Good trade? How should we know?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If you're into instant analysis, you can find a lot of people saying the Browns are the winners in this trade with Philadelphia. After letting it simmer for a little bit, I am tempted to agree, but why should I? Why should anybody say they won this deal?

This is not a situation like the Titans were in. They have their quarterback, the Browns do not. Oh, they got tremendous value for the second pick, they will have a lot of fun on draft night over the next three years, but will they find a quarterback?

To me, the winner of this trade is the team that's better at quarterback in a few years. The Eagles will take the Rams' left overs, either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz, and if their guy turns into a bonafide franchise QB, the kind of guy where you aren't even considering taking a QB for years, then can anybody say they lost the trade? They got their guy.

Will the Browns have their guy by then? Good grief, they have not had their guy since the 80's, why should we assume they'll get him now? I'm not saying rule it out, I'm saying don't assume it. If both teams end up with franchise quarterbacks, then the Browns will have won this deal just because of all the extra picks, they're bound to bump into one or two good players with those, right? In the meantime, do we really know?

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