Fearing 'tipping the scale,' Republicans don't change rules before RNC

Fearing 'tipping the scale,' Republicans don't change rules before RNC
Transportation companies booked solid during Republican National Convention. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The world was watching Thursday to see if the rules committee for the Republican National Committee would change any of their rules, or recommend anything that they'd like to see happen at this summer's convention. The members of the group decided to keep everything status quo.

The majority of the members of the party's standing rules committee seemed to not want to change anything in advance of the Convention, so as not to give the impression they were influencing anything in favor of any one candidate.

The standing rules committee for the party doesn't decide what happens at the convention -- there's another committee for that specific to the convention, but the party's rules committee can make recommendations.

Cleveland 19 was told that right now, this summer's convention doesn't have any rules -- and won't until early July. That's when the convention delegates will elect a 112-member Convention Rules Committee. It will be made up of two delegates from each state and territory. That committee will then determine what they want to see happen at the convention. That committee then turns over a report to all of the Convention's delegates for approval.

With the possibility of a brokered convention looming, Cleveland 19 asked if there was a possibility that the convention rules committee would not come to a consensus before the event starts, and multiple sources said that likely wasn't a possibility.

Several members of the party's standing rules committee expressed concern over changing any rules or recommending any changes to the convention's committee.

"We are going to get accused no matter what we do here of trying to rig the game, and we're going to have to deal with that over, and over, and over again all the way to the convention if we take any action whatsoever to change any rule," said Committeeman Jeff Kent of Washington, echoing the sentiments many committee members expressed.

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