Local author encourages others to soar over autism

Local author encourages others to soar over autism

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - April is Autism Awareness Month, and despite living with the disorder, one young man has written a book and is now taking autism to new heights.

Aaron Broadstreet, 26, has been living with Asperger's, a form of autism since he was a child, but he's dedicated his life to telling people about overcoming the disorder.

"Everyone has purpose, talents, and abilities," said Broadstreet.

Last year, Broadsteeet wrote a book about his experience with autism called "Soundbites." The book talks about overcoming fear among other ways to cope with autism and life.

After checking author off his list of goals to accomplish, Broadstreet moved on to new venture — becoming a pilot. Now, his flying lessons are an embodiment of his words as he learns to soar over the obstacles that he refuses to let weigh him down.

Broadstreet became interested in flying a year ago and he's been taking lessons at T&G Flying Club at Burke Airport ever since.

Taff Price, Broadstreet's mother, also works with him to spread his message of encouragement to other parents of autistic children.

"These kids have so much talent for the world to see so you are a specially chosen parent for this specially chosen child," said Price.

Price also said that in addition to planes, Broadstreet also has a love of trains because it's common for those with autism like to see things in motion.

Broadstreet says he loves flying because of the view.

"I feel like it's like being in Heaven. I like seeing the city and the water," said Broadstreet.

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