Former Akron day care worker charged

Former Akron day care worker charged
A former day care worker facing three child endangering charges will be back in court June 6. (Source: WOIO)

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - A former day care worker is facing three child endangering charges after investigators say she admitted to abusing the children.

Investigators tell Cleveland 19 News that three children were abused at Little Steps Big Dreams Day Care here on Waterloo Road in Akron by former employee 22-year-old Kiara Davis.

One of those kids belongs to Deandrea Hadnoc, who says "Why would she do that to my baby? If he wasn't listening she could of easily picked up the phone and called me."

Mom says her 4-year-old son was having trouble sleeping and then this happened with Davis and her little boy.

Hadnoc says "He wouldn't got to sleep -- he was moving around. Supposedly the girl picked his legs over his head and pinned him down to the cot until he was still and went to sleep."

Cleveland 19 News reached out to Davis, who was fired by the day care center. So far, no response.

Investigators say she admitted to the abuse and said she didn't intend to cause any harm. She was frustrated and lost control.

It gets worse.

Stephanie Akhdar says her 4-year-old daughter was also roughed up.

"It was reported to me she got ducked tape," Akhdar says. "Some sort of tape over her mouth.

"I mean it's really indescribable."

A third child, according to investigators, was picked up by his ankle and dragged across a cot.

Cleveland 19 News wants to know: If this type of abuse went on from March until April 11, according to the Sheriff, why wasn't it reported earlier by anyone at the day care?

We called Little Steps Big Dreams, left a message with a worker for the management and knocked on their front door.

The day care called the Summit County Sheriff's Department on us.

Little Steps Big Dreams is new and no charges have been filed against anyone else at the facility.

It appears they don't want to answer our questions.

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