Prince tribute at Saturday night Motown concert

Motown show in Cleveland Heights honors Prince

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - With fans still feeling the loss following the sudden death of Prince, a group of Motown bands have decided to pay tribute to the man who many agree made a huge impact on music.

Saturday, during the Night of Motown Magic Concert, the various groups plan to perform "Purple Rain" and speak about how he influenced and inspired them.

The event at The Civic Center in Cleveland Heights was planned for months, but when Prince died Thursday, organizers made arrangements.

"We can't do this show even though it's still gonna be a Motown show without entering Prince into it. You know because he's one of the artists that kept me playing guitar," said musician Raymond Towler.

Many of the musicians say Prince was instrumental in their own journeys. All around the country, people are paying tribute. So the show will go on here in Cleveland with plans to play a little Prince.

"We lost another icon who was very important to our musical community. We definitely know a tribute is in place for somebody as wonderful as this guy. He left a mark on all of us," said musician Antoine Day.

As the guests came in, Prince's music played through the speakers.

"They said Michael Jackson was bad, Prince was bad. He played a lot of instruments. A lot of people didn't know that you know so when I heard this music, that music put my spirits up to a do a little boogie-woogie there," said local resident Kathy Wise.

"Yeah, they try but can't nobody do Prince, alright?" said local resident Gladys Briscoe.

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